A Photographer’s View of Work Along the Border

I recently had the pleasure and honour of volunteering for BGET and one of their partner organizations, the Global Youth Service Team, as the videographer for the upcoming documentary “Light Work.”

This documentary will chronicle the work of American elementary school students as they volunteer for GYST and BGET. And I was in the enviable position of being able to tag along with these fantastic students and the wonderful folks at BGET. I was able to follow these people everywhere from the bustling streets of Mae Sot to the migrant villages perched among the misty mountains of the Thai-Burma border.


Over the course of a mere month I watched and recorded the labours of these incredibly skilled and driven people. As you, a visitor of this blog, are surely aware, the staff and volunteers of BGET and GYST are doing some amazing work to bring renewable energy sources to the people of the Border. In the short time that I was with BGET and GYST, they installed two photovoltaic arrays, two ultraviolet water purification systems, taught classes on the use and maintenance of these systems, donated science and algebra textbooks to the engineering school at Mae La refugee camp, and helped another organization (headed by ESP graduate Saw Thawah) build a playground.


While I cannot claim any responsibility for the great work that is being done, I hope that I can do my small part to raise awareness of these projects through the documentary that we’re putting together. So keep an eye out for “Light Work,” tell your friends and help me spread the word!


This post is written by Carter, the Camera Guy.