I really appreciated with what I can do.

I’ve done my school with project management in April 2011 and joined to BGET. When I started working with BGET, I really being curious of what I can help BGET to reach the organization goals. Because I had very few skills to work with BGET as a technician and some of the tools that I’ve seen looks very strange to me, don’t know really how to use its.


A few months later, I can adapt and try to match with some of the skills that I have learned from my school and experiences such as Translation and Interpretation, survey and do need assessment to community of school. Moreover, I am able to do as a technician trainer as much as I can. Most of the skills that I’ve learned from BGET are by doing so I really don’t have much theological knowledge. I always need to review the lessons that I will train to people.


During the period of my work time, I have done lot of solar projects and being as a translator and interpreter. And also I have done bio-sand water project and bio-gas project as well. In conclusion, when I step back and reflect to see my experience and time of working with my current organization, I really appreciated that help number of people with the skills that I have and did as much as I can. I can rely myself that NO ONE IS PERFECT. I really happy and satisfies with what I can do well.

This post is written by Htoot Htoot.