You’ll not feel tired if you love your work!!

I would like to share my experiences during the second semester of internship period in my organization. It is really good opportunity that I have a chance to work with BGET (BORDER GREEN ENERGRY TEAM). Firstly, I don’t think so that I will understand what is the really situation around migrant school in Thailand especially Mae Sot area, but, now I gained many experiences during this second semester. Because during first semester, we don’t have much more projects because we just preparing the materials for coming soon projects and mostly we spend the time in the office. During we were in the office, we were setting up all the materials like, solar penal, the based posts setting for solar panels, controller system, and batteries. During this second semester, we have some projects for migrant schools, with the students from US, (GYST) (Global Youth Service Team) for solar system, water sanitation in their migrant area. As they have many experiences about water sanitation, I have learnt many techniques that how to build Ultra Violence purified water system, and the technique of how to build that water sanitation systematically. Not only I have learnt the technique of instruction of water sanitation, I translated manual book in English to Burmese version, that the first time I translated manual book in this office. According to we have no lots of staffs who are very good and enough skill to translate Burmese version of manual book about water sanitation, I have a chance to translate English to Burmese. I am proud of myself that I can translated manual book as much as I have a skills then I show some of my friends to correct if I make some wrong translation but, all my friends agree that I translated was perfected. I will share more information that I have had during second semester as following below.



There are many highlight in this period during the second internship period in our organization. There are, I can set up all electric wires as systematically with meter boxes during the second week of our internship time. We have as different projects solar system, all the technique also very different to set up. We went to Phop Phra area to implement our project in one of migrant school which located very close to Burma. Because there is no electricity in the school and they can’t study night time. So we implement our solar system project for this school. That the projects we done with GYST group and all we including staffs from our organization as well. Why this period was my special highlights for me is, I have never been this Phop Phra area and didn’t see new migrant school because i only know about migrant schools which located in Mae Sot area. All the migrant students are very welcome to us and help during we were working as well.

Now currently, I am much familiar with the organizational work even though this is the first time that I practically join to work with communities around the border. Such a lovely face from residents from the mountains that I saw are a new challenging for my life by working together with them. When I saw many people are hopeless for their future we can’t support perfectly but however we have been working with them and helping to have better situation before in their living areas with solar home system. Working with those residents is also not very easy because according to they are living on higher mountain, somehow it difficult get there.


I feel interested current my job because I have to see different place and different people from different place. And our project is in different place, so we can see different place and different people so I have a chance to have new friends more and more. And some time our project style is little different such as, install solar system, some time bio-sand water filter, and purified water and others. So I know many instruction of renewable service from my organization. And I have to learn more about our new project program like, biogas and solar cooker. So we do the project also different things and I don’t know yet some instruction of our project. So it makes me to interest during my internship at my organization.

When I think back for my previous background life, this currently job is very important and useful for development program. Because to implement this renewable system is very important for all of us and for especially village where no electricity place and I need to learn more about this solar system for my future. This is very important for our environment to keep safe our community in the future. I hope to work long time with this my organization until I can practice for my village in chin state where no electricity is.

This post is written by Salai Jobson.