Raising Pigs

Hello, my name is Shwe Khy. I live in Mae La Camp. I came to BGET learn about some professional skills. In our class we are learning many topics.

Now, we have already learned about animal husbandry. What I like most is how to raise pigs. But I learned about this in only one week. Our teachers are Ko Lin and Moe Thu. They teach about how to raise pigs. They come from KHOMLOY group, in Mae Sot. So, I want to try to share in my community as much as I can.

The first step we learned was about how to build pig pen. The teachers helped to build the pig pen but we did much by ourselves. Before we built the pig pen we needed to know how many pigs we will raise. We built a composting Pig Pen. We dgg the hole and we made concrete with the blocks for around the hole. We made the building with some bamboo and some wood and we made the roof with leaves.


Finishing the walls

The second step is learning about the pig pen filler. We divide it into 4 layers, the first layer we put rice husk, corn husk and which ever is easiest to find around our location. The second layer we need to put cow manure but we don’t have cow manure so we use compost from our composting toilet and black soil. The third layer we put charcoal, and bamboo. The top layer we put black soil, rice husk and IMO (indigenous Micro Organisms).


resizedimage450600-p1130390 Filling the pen

Before we raise pig we will also need to prepare the pigs food. We made the food by ourselves in the class. We need to plant banana trees because we always need to put banana stalk in pig food. So, we also planted banana trees. If we have 10 banana trees we can feed 1 pig for 6 months. So, if you raise 10 pigs we need to plant 100 banana trees. Then we made FBS (fermented banana stalk) to feed the pigs. It is used for pig because of it’s high nutrition and low cost. When mixed with other high protein feeds it helps pigs gain weight quickly without much cost.

Next we learned about was to select the Pig for our farm. There are 3 kinds: white pigs, black pigs, and breed pigs. The white pigs can get diseases. Black pigs can not grow quickly. Breed pigs can not get disease and they grow more than black pig. If you want to raise pigs, I think breed pigs are better than other pigs.



The finished pig pen

Finally we learned about how many times in a week we need to care for pigs. If we raise Pigs we need to care for them so they will not get sick and grow quickly.

Everyday we need to feed 2 times. We need to spray IMO Pig pen 1 time a week so that we don’t get bad smell. Change drinking water every day, make FBS 1 time a week, shower the pigs 2 times a week, mix the pig pen1 time a week, we need to feed them a green snack everyday. If we do all of this our pigs can grow quickly and in six month we can sell them and we can get compost for garden.  So, If you want to learn more, you can come join us.


This post was written by Shwe Khy.