Sustainable Agriculture Natural Soil Enhancement

Hi, my name is Kyaw Yeah I come from Burma at Waterfall Village. First we learned about healthy soil and OM-Organic Matter. We also used many things to make compost. Any thing that was alive. We can use three things for the plants, compost , EM -[Effective Microorganisms ] and humus, because in healthy soil the nutrients can live there. In raining season the humus holds nutrients.


We also learned how to make a compost pile. We took half carbon rich brown stuff and half nitrogen rich green stuff. For example corn husk and banana leaf are green and brown. We put then in layer by layer.


Another one was how to make Effective Microorganisms. First we cut bamboo and we put the rice into the bamboo and we covered it with paper and plastic. After that was finished we put it in a healthy place, like near bamboo and near healthy trees. Then we dug a hole and put near bamboo and waited for 3 days. After that 3 days were finished we it took out and now you can use it for many things. You can use it use it for the plants, pigs, chickens and for the compost. You can spray the pigs and other animals 3 times a day to keep them healthy. Before you use it for the plants and for the animals you need to filter out the liquid EM and mix with water. 20 parts water to 1 part EM Teacher Kara taught us about Bio-char and how to prepare the things we needs. First we cut wood scraps into approximately 3cm x 30 cm pieces. We put the wood tightly into a gassifire, and than we set the gassifire on top and we burned it then we waited for 1-2 hours and we removed chimney and sealed the gassifire with mud to stop the combustion process. After the charcoal has cooled you take out the charcoal and put it a mixture of water and manure for a long time. Add it to the soil and you will get good soil and better than before. We also made charcoal with cornhusk but if you want the best charcoal, make it with wood scraps.


These things are very interesting to me, because before I never made them and never saw. I liked this because I want to improve and develop my community. The computer is also interesting, I will teach about computer at my village. Another thing I like a lot is learning English, because the English language is very important, because the whole world uses that language most.


When this training is finished I will help my teacher at Wang Pha. We already have land at Kway Boh. We have not planted fruits and vegetables yet. I will help my teachers to make healthy soil, compost, and compost pile. We have a lot of land at Kway Boh and I will show them how to use it best. Usually at our school we always buy vegetables and food at markets. If we can make good soil and nutrients, we will plant ourselves and eat our own. I will improve the foods and plants more and more at Kway Boh. This is my dream and this is my purpose and also my goals.


These are the first steps, other steps are about my village and my community. In my village the people always plant corn and beans. They plant corn from rainy season until hot season and some times they were get very good corn and beans. One year they were doing a lot and they were so tired. This is why I came to learn about these things like Sustainable Agriculture. When I finish this training I will shows them how to make healthy soil. I will teach them. In my village usually they can’t write. So I will draw pictures for them to show them. I will help in my community and to development the village. To help my community is my hobby.



Kyaw Win said today was a very amazing day, because we make charcoal.


When we made Bio-char it was so hard, because we made it for the first time. We have to cut a lot of woods scraps, but it was fun. We burned the wood and the fire came up to the top of the chimney.



“Kyaw Win said when we burned the Bio-char the fires comes up out of the chimney, it looked very wonderful”


Other ideas you think of can work here too. Yes, if we have healthy soil and nutrients we can plants many things. We can put seeds into healthy soil. If you do this it’s sustainable, and then you will feel blessed from heaven


This is us having fun in english class



Thank you every one. Have a good day.

Thanks you for reading my letters, you will have fun.


This post was written by Kyaw Yeah.