Raising Frogs

Hello, my name is Peh Reh. Border Green Energy Team (BGET) is a project working to teach sustainability to maintain natural things, and maintain the old things that are useful for people in the world. I am a student at BGET who is learning how to be sustainable using things in the world. Mostly, we are trying many way to “close the loop” for everything that people regularly maintain using chemicals. We have also learned about animal husbandry, including pigs, chickens, and frogs etc…..

Animal husbandry can support us by bringing small income into our families, offices or organizations as sustainable improvements. So, I would like to share what I have learned about animal husbandry in the workshop, that is how to raise many kinds of frogs. A teacher from US shared his experience with us about how to raise frogs. In the class period we discussed about the frogs. As we know, the frogs like to stay in the low, wet areas. The frogs can eat insects and catfish food. We then built the frog’s house with concrete and truck tires so they can stay there safely. We put concrete in the shape of a triangle and put tires on it. At the corners, we made a hole and placed bamboo for protecting the tire stand. We also made covers for the tires at the top. We used 9 tires for three tire stands with three per each stand. The reason why we do that is the frogs need more space. The big frogs can eat small frogs if the place is not big enough for them.  We also will use the waste water from the frogs to feed the plants growing nearby.

Hopefully, all the skills that we learn can be useful in our future. These skills will fit into our community to help improve ourselves as much as we can. Before, I did not have the chance to learn these skills. I appreciate the chance to now.







Before we started, find place to build frogs construction




During building the frog’s habitat



After we finished the frog habitat construction


This post was written by Peh Reh.