Hi! My name is Thari Pyi Kyaw. I come from Burma. I come to learn more about how to plant vegetables and other things. We are learning in Noh Bo. This is my first time in Noh Bo. I love This place. We have a lot of fun in our school.


This is when teacher Kara had her birthday. Paw Leh Moo said “We are so blessed to spend time together!!

We learned the 7 Mindsets, Sustainability and animal husbandry such as raising frog and pigs.

Now I am writing about Sustainability. In the class we learned about the types of sustainability.

There are three types:

  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

Social means a system that meets the needs of it’s current members as well as future generations.

Environmental means conserving an ecological balance by Replacing consumed  resources.

Economic means a business activity that continues to be profitable over the long term

These things are important. You cannot do if we use only one of them. We must use all three.

To sustain means to not stop and cannot stop. Sustainability is a noun while sustainable is an adjective. A loop is a circle and loops do not have end and talking about circle of nature.



This is composting toilet to make natural soil. Paw Lah Moo said” This toilet is not like other toilet. I hope I will have this toilet.”


This place is we also put compost. We put the bin in here.

We also learn about global warming. In the world food is getting less. So we want to grow food for our future generations. In the future there will be more and more people. So we will prepare more food for our children and grandchildren.

So we have to work a lot and plant a lot of trees, and plant more materials for the future. For example we cut down trees and we use the wood to build something. Then we will build the house and that is it. If we do not do anything else they will be gone and no more. One of my classmates asked “How to close the loop?” If we cut down one tree then we will plant ten trees for each tree. Then they will grow and you will cut down again and you have to plant again, then it will be a circle. We learn about green house gases. The sun’s short waves enter and then infrared rays radiate from the ground and cannot pass through the glass. These short waves heat the ground and the warmed air rises and heats the green house and the long wavelengths radiated back to the atmosphere. This is green house effect.

My favorite part is closing the loop, because it is helpful for my community. We do not have to pay a lot of money to do something. We just have to pay some money to buy some thing. In our village, they cut down a lot of trees, but they do not grow again.

One of my classmates said talk about how to take care of the materials in our future. The problems I face is that I have not finished my school yet! I also work a lot in the sun, so I get dehydrated. I think at Grace Garden we can grow a lot of trees, because there is good soil. I saw a lot of grass growing very well. So I will try very hard to do this work. In the future I will teach my community to do these things. Sustainability is the lesson that made me feel good. I hope this lesson will help the world.

Thank you for reading.

This post was written by Thari Pyi Kyaw.