The 7 Mindsets of Highly Successful People

Hello! My name is Smile. I come from H.S.T.K. School and I am now at Grace Garden to learn new things that I did not know. I really like to learn about solar power at the Grace Garden. In the first week, we learned about the 7 mindsets of highly successful people taught by teacher Kara. The 7 mindsets are:

  1. Everything is Possible

  2. Passion First

  3. We are All Connected

  4. 100% Accountable

  5. Attitude of Gratitude

  6. Live to Give

  7. The Time is Now


In our class we did a lot of fun things.

Everything is possible.

This lesson is very encouraging to me because even we fail we can learn lessons from it. If we learn but we cannot do it, it is better than if I did not learn it at all. For example, the teacher ask me to do something. I could not do it , but I try to and then I can do so. If I do not do anything, I will never know how to do it. I do that job and I know a little bit of it. Once we try, we will know it better.

Passion First

If you want to overcome the problem, you need to have passion. We need to have passion to reach our goals. If you really want to reach that goal you will not give up easily. You have to put passion into it. Because of this lesson, I learned not to give up easily and put passion first.

We are all connected.

I like that we are all connected because if I am the only one doing something, it will be hard for me. Our friends and our community can help us because we are all connected, some times opportunities come through another. If we have a group of people, even if we fail, we have someone to encourage us.

100% Accountable.

I understand this to be that whether I can or cannot, I am right because I am in charge of my happiness. When I do not know this, I choose to be a victim. In our lives, we have problems but when we are facing the problem, we can choose to be a victim or a victor. I hope every one will choose victor.

Attitude of Gratitude

 Our life is not about waiting for the problem to be solved ,it is about learning to be happy. We do not have to worry about our future. This is good to have everywhere, just that we have to change the bad to good.

Live to Give

 The more you give, the more you will receive. If you help people, they will help you too. You must serve people so they will help you. For example like good government serves his country and people. Also like Jesus. One way I want to serve and give my community is that I want them to have enough electricity.

The time is now

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu. The time is now. You cannot change the past, and the future has not happened yet, all your power is in this moment.

This is all about what I had learned. I like “The Time is Now” the most . I really like it because we always think to do things later, because we are lazy. This lesson said “all of your power is in this moment.” We have to go step by step. And than they will know the time is now to start.


The 7 mindsets will bring success in to your life. It will change your life to the best life ever.


This post was written by Smile.